Objets cherchés can be defined as the sculptural version of Augmented Writing (www.augmentedwriting.com). Maintaining the convex and spherical form as a common formal starting point, all objets cherchés can be intended as conceptual sculptures made, in most cases, with the encounter between modified readymades and writing. The title, Objets cherchés, refers ironically to the notion of "objet trouvé": in this series of pieces, the intervention of chance upon which the notion of "objet trouvé" is based is transformed in a relatively controlled yet playful series of actions in which specifically found objects intervene. The objets cherchés question the relations between writing, form, color, space and curved surfaces. Some of the objets cherchés can be used for videos, installations and performances.



Help (video installation)




Substance Syntax (body of work featuring printmaking and volume)




Mental Dough (sculpture-performance)




Miscellaneous writing-based 3D pieces