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SUBSTANCE SYNTAX – 2019 (ongoing project)
This ongoing and expanding series of works is defined by the continuity between the manipulation of writing and the disposition of the stones on paper. There is a total continuity between the two-dimensional writing gesture performed through rubber typefaces soaked in ink and the three-dimensional presence of stones with moss found in forests and then brought on the sheet of paper; and a total continuity between the artificially generated black ink, the paper as a processed product coming from nature, and the stones with moss as they were found in nature. The stones form a syntax, as much as writing, by interacting with them, is further subtracted to representation and re-discovered as part of experience. All the elements constituting these compositions contribute to the creation of a syntax and an anti-representational narrative of nature or, in Spinozian terms, of the substance. Human language, artificial and processed elements as ink and paper, organic formations as moss, inorganic structures as stones are all creating a syntax on the same ontological level, a syntax of the substance: substance as a continuum of nature, uniting all its components, or modes. Writing, plants, and stones are ultimately all parts of the same poem.




Substance Syntax – Ink, stones with moss, paper. Variable dimensions.

Year: 2019



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