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MENTAL DOUGH – 2019 (ongoing project)
Each time, while preparing the dough to bake a brioche, the artist thinks of a new poem, which he does not utter, but instead produces in his mind. The dough is then cooked, eaten (alone or with other people) and digested. The whole action unfolds privately and all its traces disappear into the mass of things once the process is over. This project unites the physical, bodily, primal act of kneading and eating dough with the production of conceptual poetry that will never exit the poet's mind.


Mental Dough – Text; thinking, kneading, backing, eating and digesting as private performance; oven-cooked brioche made of sugar, salt, flour, yeast, egg. Variable dimensions.

The pictures are purely illustrative and are not meant as part of the piece, which is made to leave no trace as its matter is incorporated back into the wider substance of the world.

Year: 2019



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