At the Fondation Louis Vuitton in November 2014:


At the MAMCS (Strasbourg Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art) in March 2015:


Alessandro De Francesco
Corps étranger en mouvement ascensionnel
Reading Environment

Alessandro De Francesco is the author since several years of what he calls reading environments, i.e. immersive sound spaces in which poetry, spoken voice and software interact to create unprecedented narrations. Corps étranger en mouvement ascensionnel (Foreign Body in Ascending Motion) is a live reading environment that was performed for the first time for the opening days of the Louis Vuitton Foundation. It is based on the eponymous prose. This text will be included in Alessandro's upcoming book La vision à distance (MIX., Paris, 2015).

Duration: ca. 40 min.

Voice, text and voice digital processing: Alessandro De Francesco.

Production: Language Art Studio and Solang Productions Paris-Brussel (world première: 01.11.2014)


Play samples of the live recording at the MAMCS main auditorium, Strasbourg, 15.03.2015:





Pictures during rehearsals at the FLV:


All pictures at the Fondation Louis Vuitton © Laila Dell'Anno

Picture at the MAMCS © Arianne Foks


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