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poetry and conceptual writing, artist book, 13.34 x 2.08 x 20.32 cm   

Language: English, Italian, French

Uitgeverij / punctum books




Alessandro De Francesco, (((, Uitgeverij / punctum books, 2021, 320 pages, 23 $. 

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((( is conceived of not only as a poetry collection and an artist book, but also as a series of actions, a sculpture, an installation, a living object, and a verbal ecosystem. The poetic voyage of (((, recounted in a concrete yet mysterious, abstract yet bodily language, is proposed here in a trilingual English–Italian–French edition. In the spirit of Uitgeverij’s editorial approach, this will allow readers from different parts of the world to discover in their own ways how ((( explores some of the author’s recurring themes through highly innovative poetic and narrative processes: the effects of war on children; technology and surveillance systems; immaterial and unknown phenomena; human emotions and non-human manifestations of nature via undefined objects and bodies, animals, and cosmological landscapes. The three parentheses of the title hint at multiple layers that are opened and never closed: ((( seeks to push language out of its verbal and human boundaries, towards unobservable territories. The genre of this book, although stemming from poetry in the sense of Dichtung, that is, concentration of meaning in highly dense verbal structures, is eminently queer, as it escapes identities and definitions. Through its multidimensional, intense, and surprising writing architecture, ((( explores new conceptual and emotional possibilities in the 21st century, confirming poetry and post-genre writing as powerful forms of inquiry in the contemporary era. 

Check out Alessandro De Francesco’s online exhibition curated by Chus Martinez featuring 21 poems from (((. 







essay (literary theory, poetics, political theory, rhetoric, semiotics, aesthetics)

Language: French

éditions MIX / Les Presses du réel 



Funded by a writing grant of the French National Book Centre

Soutenu par le Centre national du livre



Alessandro De Francesco, Pour une théorie non-dualiste de la poésie (1960-1989), éditions MIX / Les Presses du réel, 2021, 446 pages, 25 €.

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Cet essai présente l'un des parcours possibles d'analyse comparée sur la création poétique de la deuxième moitié du XXème siècle, en tâchant, sous l'égide de la notion de non-dualisme, de parvenir à la formulation de concepts et de notions qui puissent contribuer à redéfinir le fonctionnement de la poésie des années 1960-80 mais aussi, en perspective, de l'extrême contemporain. Cet ouvrage offre donc une proposition alternative de théorie de la poésie moderne, et il est par conséquent en dialogue critique avec d'autres approches de ce genre, notamment celles de Jean-Marie Gleize, de Michael Hamburger et d'Henri Meschonnic. Pour une théorie non-dualiste de la poésie est autant un essai de poétique que de théorie politique et d'ontologie, ces trois niveaux étant indissolubles dans l’approche de la poésie qu’il propose.  



poetry and conceptual writing

Language: Italian

Arcipelago Itaca




Alessandro De Francesco, (((, Arcipelago Itaca, 2020

108 pp., 13,50 €




Brunella Antomarini, Adam Berg, Vladimir D'Amora, Alessandro De Francesco, Miltos Manetas

essay (philosophy, aesthetics, epistemology)

Language: English and Italian

Punctum Books


Hephaestus Reloaded / Efesto Reloaded, presented in a bilingual (English/Italian) publication, and whose five authors are from Greece, Italy, and the US, invokes as its first inspiration the myth of Hephaestus who embodied a twofold entity: both disabled and technically capacious. The myth of Hephaestus has been passed across the centuries as an ancient metaphor signifying the idea of becoming-world, in which any distinction between the natural and the artificial, or the organic and the technical, is blurred. Human beings, by virtue of their physical vulnerabilities and limits, have enhanced their technological powers to the point of transcending their own given nature. At present, a variety of critical discourses in disciplines such as philosophy, history, aesthetics, and cognitive sciences pay attention to our becoming-hybrid (organic and mechanical beings) – unleashing a space for research that probes the concept of transcendence. Each of the contributions in this book addresses – through its own peculiar perspective, method and experimental style – a new way to approach the role of transcendence in socio-cultural life.

In the Occidental history of ideas, the notion of transcendence has received at least three canonical articulations that are challenged by this book: religious (Judeo-Christian traditions), philosophical (Platonic-intellectual universality of ideas), and scientific (the objective and technological turn of knowledge). Nonetheless, it is with the rise of cybernetics, with its digital and virtual modalities of systems, networks, and knowledge, that our human environment emerges as a source of knowledge in itself — not simply as an object but rather as an immersive agency in which nature, knowledge, technique merge. The transcendence of the actual and the virtual into a “third” element is construed and analyzed in this book through conceptual schemes that rely on a post-binary or non-binary understanding of coincidences, triangulations, hybrids, or post-human combinatorics. What is ultimately explored is how transcendence is ejected from strictly theological, philosophical, or scientific groundings and emerges as a germinating point of becoming (something else).

Hephaestus Reloaded. Composition for Ten Hands (B. Antomarini, A. Berg, V. D'Amora, A. De Francesco, M. Manetas), Punctum Books. More info and buy HERE.



poetry and conceptual writing

Language: Italian

Arcipelago Itaca



Alessandro De Francesco, La visione a distanza, Arcipelago Itaca, 2018
196 pp., 16 €

La visione a distanza contiene buona parte della produzione poetica di Alessandro De Francesco fino ad oggi. È tuttavia da intendersi come libro unico e non come raccolta, dato che le sezioni che lo costituiscono sono strettamente interconnesse, anche quelle scritte a distanza di più anni. Alcune sezioni sono inedite in Italia o inedite tout court, altre sono state precedentemente pubblicate in libri e riviste. La visione a distanza, uscito presso Arcipelago Itaca nella collana "Lacustrine" diretta da Renata Morresi, è il primo libro italiano di Alessandro De Francesco dalla pubblicazione di Ridefinizione (La Camera Verde, 2011).




artist booklet

The Block Museum, Evanston, Illinois 


curated by Danny Snelson and Mashinka Firunts for the "Present Tense Pamphlets" Series (more information about the project HERE)


Download the booklet  for free HERE 





artist book, 25.3 x 30 cm, 120 p.

Language: French, English, Italian, German

éditions MIX., Paris & Le Fonds Belval, Luxembourg


Photo © Michael Pinsky


With texts by Stéphanie Delcroix and Hubertus von Amelunxen

Download the introduction in English HERE

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poetry and conceptual writing

Language: English and Italian

Punctum Books

New York


Alessandro De Francesco, Remote Vision. Poetry 1999-2015

Translated into English by Belle Cushing and Dusty Neu.

Typography by Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei.

Dual-Language English-Italian edition, 342 pages, 22 x 22 cm.

New York: Punctum Books, 2016


REMOTE VISION represents, in English and Italian, the most significant works in poetry and conceptual writing produced by Alessandro De Francesco to date. It is both a coherent book and the most exhaustive collection of his poetry ever published in any language. All sections have been rearranged for this publication, with each one containing the complete English text followed by the complete Italian version. The texts have been beautifully translated by poets and Brown University alumni Belle Cushing and Dusty Neu, under the coordination of the acclaimed poet and Comparative Literature scholar Forrest Gander. REMOTE VISION condenses and presents under a new light the conceptual and emotional intensity of Alessandro De Francesco’s poetry.

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poetry and conceptual writing

Language: French

éditions MIX.



La Vision à distance est le deuxième livre de poésie publié par Alessandro De Francesco aux éditions MIX., après Redéfinition (2010). La Vision à distance continue à explorer et à faire interagir de façon nouvelle les questions qui hantent la production de ce poète-artiste : l'inconnu et l'inconnaissable, la violence et la guerre, la technologie et l'information, la phylogenèse et l'ontogenèse des êtres. Il contient cependant des textes appartenant à des époques différentes, dont certains, comme Le Déplacement des objets, écrits avant Redéfinition mais présentés ici pour la première fois en traduction française.

Alessandro De Francesco - La Vision à distance

Traduit de l'italien en français par Alessandro De Francesco, Fabien Vallos et Caroline Zekri, avec la collaboration d'Emilio Sciarrino

Soutenu par une Bourse de création du Centre national du livre (www.centrenationaldulivre.fr)
Paris, éditions MIX., 2016

136 pages, format carré 17 x 17 cm
20 €

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Language: French, Italian, English, German


Tirana / The Hague



This book reunites the most part of the essays and articles produced between 2007 and 2015 by poet and artist Alessandro De Francesco. It shows what De Francesco himself affirms at a point in the last text of the book: that an artist can also be a theorist, and that artistic practice and theoretical practice are difficult to distinguish in his work. This book is multilingual: each text was left in the language in which it was written. Therefore, it is predominantly in French, but Italian, English and German are also represented. In spite of poetry being at the center of Alessandro De Francesco’s interests as a thinker, the texts contained in this book are very heterogeneous: poetic statements, essays, scientific articles, lectures, interviews; and yet they also show a deep continuity. Continuum stands for the author’s uninterrupted commitment for poetry, for the numerous connections among the approached themes, and especially for the innovatory theoretical and political positions expressed here, from which all these writings originated.

Alessandro De Francesco, Continuum. Writings on Poetry as Artistic Practice / Écrits sur la poésie comme pratique artistique / Scritti sulla poesia come pratica artistica, The Hague: Uitgeverij / Punctum Books, 2015, 564 p., 18 €. Get more information and buy it HERE.



artist book, 35 x 45 cm, unp.

Language: multilingual

La Camera Verde



Photos © Benjamin Hugard

With texts by: Judith Balso, Robert Cahen, Giulio Carmassi, Belle Cushing, Jean Daive, Jeremy Fernando, Jean-Marie Gleize, Alfonso M. Iacono, Paolo Ingrosso, Massimiliano Manganelli, Giulio Marzaioli, Marco Mazzi, Nina Parish, Fabien Vallos, Vincent W. J. van Gerven Oei, Sandrine Wymann, Caroline Zekri.




poetry and conceptual writing

Language: Italian

48 p.

La Camera Verde



Ordina QUI



poetry and conceptual writing

Language: French

80 p.




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da 1000m - dès 1000m - from 1000m

conceptual writing

Trilingual e-book: italian, english, french, HGH, on www.gammm.org (march 2009)

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Language: Italian

60 p.

Cierre Grafica / Anterem



Nota di Flavio Ermini

Riflessione critica di Martin Rueff

Collana «Opera Prima» diretta da Flavio Ermini, con la collaborazione di Yves Bonnefoy, Umberto Galimberti e Andrea Zanzotto





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